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November 19 – Windsor

Most of the classes that were missed due to the strike have been made up and we are now preparing for midterms.  Some days are grueling as we have been having tutorial sessions – I’m finding myself at school for 12+ hours a couple days a week now.  Tensions are running hight amongst the students.  It seems like everyone is really stressed at this point.  I’ve come to the realization that trying to stay fully caught up with readings is unrealistic, and regardless of what the professors suggest in terms of doing all the readings, going to classes, going to tutorials etc., you have to be selective in the work that you choose to do.

Volunteering for Community Legal Aid has been a great experience.  I plan on attending one of the court cases that I’ve been working on with the second year student who will be litigating.  This should expose me to how things work ‘in the real world.’

Windsor Law

Well after being out of classes because of a prof strike for almost 3 weeks we’ve finally gotten back into classes.  I just completed my first full week backand there have been many adjustments made to the academic schedule.  This will definitely be the most intense semester.  However, this certainly will not affect the amount of material we cover and what we will gain from our teachings.

I’ve been made aware of the value of ‘learning the system’ and how this will benefit me for exams.  Apparently, there is a certain way of going about studying and using study notes that, if mastered, should result in better grades.  One has to know what material to sift through and what to concentrate on.

Windsor Week 3

The second week of law studies introduced us to our courses and profs.  The amount of reading seems reasonable and if you’ve been in a program that has required alot of it then it won’t be such a shock.  At Windsor law we are required to take a course called ‘Access to Justice.’  This replaces the normally required ‘torts’ course offered at most universities in first year.  ‘Access to Justice’ emphasizes the impact of law in achieving justice, how the law contributes to injustice, and such questions as ‘what consitutes good law.’

Currently the University of Windsor Faculty and Librarians are on strike.  There have been no classes since Wednesday September 17th.  Hopefully this will come to a conclusion sooner than later.


The first week at the University of Windsor has come and gone and we’ve all had a good opportunity to meet one another.  I was very surprised at how forthcoming the upper years were with help, offering their notes etc.  The environment here is very friendly and everyone is willing to lend a hand.  The first week of orientation was filled with sessions lasting morning until night.  Although some of the information given seems like common sense, the professors and Dean do a very good job at telling us the importance of our responsibilities and obligations as ambassadors of the law program at Windsor.  It is a little jarring to hear the degree to which we are held to our actions and we have all been made aware of the consequences of improper behaviour.  We have even been warned of our postings on Facebook and the consequences they may have if prospective employers search our site.  It is something to think about – even while you’re in the application process.

There are a multitude of extracurricular opportunities that we are encouraged to take part in.  It is also advised that we don’t overload ourselves.  That being said, some of these opportunities are highly sought after – as I prepare to line up outside the law building at 5:30 am to volunteer for Community Legal Aid.  I advise getting on board with the times and days of events from early on as I foresee many students later who may be wishing that they had gotten involved in the many activities offered.

This week we have started our classes and are preparing to get down to work.