Law School Cafe – Revamped!

Hello everyone,

This blog has changed, instead of having multiple contributors, you have me. I am a first year law student, well starting in September 2011, at the University of Ottawa. I will be blogging about my experiences in first year and hopefully giving you some insight into the life of the law student. I left the old posts from various law school students who used to contribute to this blog when it was in its old format and they’re designated as “Guest Contributors.”

This will be more than just me talking about how you should study hard, I will hopefully succeed in giving you some tips about how to adapt to life in general such as perhaps moving your whole life to a new city, as I will be in a few months. It’s my goal to be able to give you tips about apartment hunting and answer questions about applications as well since I had applied to the 15 law schools in order to land myself in Ottawa… to name a few things. Later on I’ll be able to tell you about readings, what lectures and tutorial are really like, and what the social activities entail.

For now I’m going to tell you about my week long trip to the city of Ottawa that will be my new home. I’m from Toronto but I am looking forward to the change. Below are some pictures from my sight seeing expeditions. Blogs are better with pictures so there will be many on future posts. I found a place to live that is close to the school right before this trip and hear that’s what a lot of law students do. Location is key. So I started there and found that the market is very close and that I’ll be able to get to what I need within a reasonable walking distance. When I was first looking for a place I went to the off-campus housing department at the school, they were really nice and full of useful information. I also looked to other students’ experiences in an online law school forum. Once I got all the apartment details dealt with I checked out the city and started to seek out places that will be my future haunts.

Well that’s my introduction for now, stay tuned for the story of how I got into law school, as you pre-law students may be interested in – particularly the do’s and don’ts.