Wow! The first week went by fast. On the first day I was warmly greeted by upper year students and was helped through every step of registration. Unfortunately, the line-ups for books and lockers was very lengthy, so for future students I recommend doing this prior to the start of law school. At first I was very worried about ‘making the grade’ in law school, but after talking with upper year students I was put somewhat at ease- they all have told me that I will be fine as long as I keep up with the readings. With this in mind, I recommend that future students ask the school for the course books ahead of time to get a head start on the reading.           

         During the first week we had only two classes, one is called Ethical Lawyering in Global Community, and is divided into two parts; The first part ended this week and will recommence in January. I think that it was a great course to ease us into law school because it illustrated what lecture would be like in a less pressured atmosphere (there was less pressure since it only counted for ten percent of our grade, with five being allocated based on particpation). Also, we have a minor assignment due tomorrow in this course that will be marked in terms of pass/fail.

         We had lot’s of fun activities planned all week long, the highlight thus far has been the amazing race that we particpated in this past Friday and the pub crawl that followed. Sidenote- It is well worth the cost to purchase an orientation package. Not only does it allow participation in the scheduled events, but it also came with a bag of useful gifts. I have been told that it is important to get involved and be social, which I have been. This has been easy to do since everyone here is approachable, including the professors. I am enjoying law school so far!!!