Wednesday, September 03, 2008 – Second Day of School

After my second day of school, I am feeling a bit tired and agitated because I still need to buy one or two books and I’m frustrated to have to look up so much course information on my student account – I don’t like reading on a screen (blog readers, can you sympathize?).

Other than that, I am excited about my courses so far – I have had the first class in five of the six courses I’m taking this semester. First off the bat yesterday was Constitutional Law. On first impressions, I will enjoy this class. The professor is funny and engaging, and the class environment seems positive and supportive. From what I gather, the approach will be largely historical. Then came Extra-Contractual Obligations/Torts, a class which I enjoyed because the questions posed by the professor encouraged a lot of class participation, getting people both intellectually and emotionally involved. We also laughed a lot – the prof is really funny.

Today, we started our day with Intro to Legal Research and Writing, or “Legal Meth” as it is more commonly called. This class will probably be pretty dry, because it is all about the rules of process in legal work. The entire first year class was there (as opposed to the other courses, which are divided into sections), but we will be divided up into tutorial groups. The second class was Civil Law Property, which will definitely demand a lot of concentration because I am taking it in French and a lot of the vocabulary is unfamiliar. This was the class I probably enjoyed the least so far, but I’ve been told that the material will be fairly straightforward, so hopefully it won’t be too bad. After lunch, Contracts. This was a very stimulating class. I am lucky to have so many professors with a good sense of humour!

I already have readings and have to get myself organized, so I won’t write more just now, but this has been a summary of my first impressions so far. Once I have done a few more classes and gotten into the substance of the courses, I will post again. À la prochaine!