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The Reality of Applying To Law School

Most applicants have the academic ability to do law school work. There are many instances in which the quality of your Law School Personal Statement will make the difference between acceptance of rejection. Applying to law school is competitive. In many cases, the difference between acceptance and rejection is the difference between a strong and weak personal statement. This is complicated by the fact that different personal statements are required for different law schools.

Personalized “Personal Statement Help”

During the upcoming application season, John Richardson and the Richardson Prep Centre will assist a limited number of clients on their personal statements and law school applications. The objective is to help YOU market YOURSELF effectively to the law school(s) of your choice. In the past we have found that applicants benefit from approximately four hours of intensive and personalized counseling.

John Richardson – UWO




We will NOT write your personal statement. But, we will help YOU  develop the best law school application and personal statement that you can.


Three Levels of Law School Personal Statement Help

Level 1 – Personal Statement and Autobiographical Sketch Development

How it works: We are involved from the beginning. It’s like building a new house from the ground up.

We will sit down with you and help develop your personal statement from the beginning. This involves:

– helping you decide on a theme

– helping you make best use of the “facts of your life”

– helping you write and develop a general personal statement and then apply it to specific schools

Approximate time spent with you – 6 hours

Approximate cost – $1500.00

Level 2 – Helping you improve your personal statement

How it works: We will help you edit and generally improve an existing personal statement. It’s like making improvements to your existing kitchen. It will be a better kitchen.

You will give us your existing and (from your perspective) completed personal statement. We will read it and make suggestions for improvement.

If you are interested in putting more than 30 years of pre-law counseling experience to work for you, then …

Approximate time spent with you – two hours

Approximate cost – $500

Level 3 – Law School Personal Statement Workshop


How it works: This is a group workshop/class that is offered several times a year in Toronto.

Approximate time – 2 hours

Approximate cost – $100

John Richardson’s Law School Personal Statement Books – Great way to get started


Mastering The Personal Statement

Law School Bound

Finally, some advice …

1. Do not leave this too late. Most law school applicants underestimate the time required to apply to law school.

2. Contact us by email: lawschoolbound at gmail dot com, call 416 410 7737  or use the contact from below..

Your email should include your contact information (including telephone number) and some basic biographical information. We are willing to work with all kinds of applicants (including “second career” applicants and graduates of non-Canadian law schools).

3. You can meet John Richardson by attending his Law School Personal Statement Workshop.  (This workshop is free to Richardson LSAT students. Others may attend by paying a fee.)

4. We will be working with by telephone, email, etc. Therefore we are happy to work with people from any geographical location.

5. John Richardson’s Law School Bound is available at and many Canadian University bookstores.

In closing …

“Your acceptance to law school is not a matter of luck. The road to law school is paved with the bricks of hard work and discipline. Stay on the road and acceptance to law school will be yours!”

John Richardson, B.A., LL.B., J.D.





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