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The road to law school and beyond – Not always as pleasant as the road above!

John Richardson – University of Toronto

Hello, my name is John Richardson. Chances are that you arrived at this blog  because you attended one of my sessions at a career centre.  This blog was created to provide you with links to various Pre-Law sites that I reference. I have worked with pre-law students for many years. I am also the author of:

Law School Bound


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Reading Week

January term was three weeks and went by really fast! Now I’m enjoying the only “reading week” we get this year. Our three week exploration of Alternative Dispute Resolution was interesting. We are the only school in Canada that offers it at the moment. I enjoyed the hands on nature of the activities. We got to partake in a client interview, learned negotiation skills, worked on an arbitration and mediation. It was great how everyone got into it and how even in hypothetical situations you learn a lot about yourself.

I’m waiting for our Winter term thematic course selection to come out to find out which one I got. They all look really great so I’m not worried about not getting my first choice.

January Term

We’re back! We’re already a week into January Term, which is when us first years do an Alternative Dispute Resolution course only. It’s a nice break from having a full course load. We had 10 days off for the holidays after exams. Exams were really great to put the whole semester into perspective. Experiencing those two or three hour marathons helps one to understand what you are really supposed to take from readings and lectures. I am looking forward to going back to regular classes in February with that understanding. For now we’re doing a lot of experiential learning through group activities in class as well as some assignments.

Hello November.

Here we are in November and the last few months can be characterized with the following words, as some of my colleagues put it, “it’s like being in exam time… all the time.” As ominous as that sounds… you start to thrive on it. You develop a rhythm and start to be able to see the connections.

The assignments and practice midterms were nice last month in motivating me to get my notes organized and start to process them, condensing them. I’m starting to get into writing my first legal memo for actual marks. It’s nice to start delving into the legal research websites and start to sort through the different cases and legislation. The subject is also internet related which I was excited about since it’s such a new area of law.