Summer Thoughts about Fall

So it’s already August! September is just around the corner and so is 1L. I’m really excited about fall coming but starting law school is definitely up there. I’m ahead of the game because I booked the U-haul today and am thinking about what I am going to bring to Ottawa. Packing is a nice way to keep oneself grounded amidst all this excitement.

I picked my courses recently. It was interesting, in first year you get all the same basic courses – contracts, criminal, torts – but you get to pick the sections and hence the professor who is teaching them. I enjoyed reading the biographies of the profs and the type of angle they are going to take on the courses. The whole process gets you really revved up since it gives you a better idea of what the classes are going to be like. I ended up getting all the sections I wanted.

Now I am trying to enjoy the rest of my summer before I blink and I find myself in a 1L class. I will be blogging about orientation and the first week, so I will be giving you all a taste of that very soon. For now, I am looking forward to my own going-away get together with my Toronto friends. Toronto is a great city, we’ve had some great experiences, fantastic memories. I am thankful of the past but am looking toward what is going to greet me this next year. Actually, the thing I am most interested about is… what readings are like. Writing is near to my heart and I kind of miss reading things analytically.

2 thoughts on “Summer Thoughts about Fall

  1. robert

    Just wondering.what was the deadline for applying to Ottawa law school for sept 2011-april 2012.

    Also how does one get to know that they have been they receive letter of acceptance or an email.are there exceptional circumstances for late applications.

    1. lawschoolcafe Post author

      Hi Robert,

      Thank you for your comment. The deadline for the application for uOttawa is November 1st, the same for all the law schools in Ontario.

      I got a letter with my acceptance. Late applications are generally not considered. I personally don’t know of any exceptional circumstances that might let you apply anyway past the deadline but you can always email the admissions department at the schools beforehand to ask. Generally deadlines are very strict.

      Things may change so always check their website for official details.

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