November 19 – Windsor

Most of the classes that were missed due to the strike have been made up and we are now preparing for midterms.  Some days are grueling as we have been having tutorial sessions – I’m finding myself at school for 12+ hours a couple days a week now.  Tensions are running hight amongst the students.  It seems like everyone is really stressed at this point.  I’ve come to the realization that trying to stay fully caught up with readings is unrealistic, and regardless of what the professors suggest in terms of doing all the readings, going to classes, going to tutorials etc., you have to be selective in the work that you choose to do.

Volunteering for Community Legal Aid has been a great experience.  I plan on attending one of the court cases that I’ve been working on with the second year student who will be litigating.  This should expose me to how things work ‘in the real world.’